Why we continue to teach journalism

It’s a question I get asked all the time by my friends in the field: Why continue to teach journalism? There are so few jobs. Aren’t you just encouraging kids who will have their hopes dashed when they graduate?

In response to that question I have just written something for a blog called Media Minder, which is a joint effort by several journalism profs from small programs like the one I teach in – that is, as opposed to large journalism schools. I teach at a liberal arts college where my courses are included in the Communication and Theatre Arts department. Not everyone is planning to go into journalism when they graduate. Today, few are! And we make sure they have some other skills.

However, we continue to teach journalism despite the shortage of jobs, for a variety of important reasons. You can read about them in my Media Minder entry, which is dated Jan. 25, 2011.

Carrie Buchanan, John Carroll University


About Carrie Buchanan

Journalism and communication professor, Canadian, now living and teaching in the United States. Longtime journalist in Canada, primarily for the Ottawa Citizen.
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  1. There are many departments of Philosophy in universities all over the world.
    When was the last time you saw “Philosopher” as a heading in the want ads?

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